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Online Business Promotion

Dramatic Changes in the Company Work.

IQSites accomplishes the task of business promotion online. Now, create a professional website that looks gorgeous. That helps you find clients via the Internet and make a bargain. That helps your company do the things you found impossible before. Combining the world's best online promotion technologies with the data and analytics, we have offered unique solutions to the existing problems.
Excellent Platform for Business.

Using the website for business promotion has become normal. The world's most advanced platform for building sites, and constantly updated collection of functions integrated into the system, make IQSites even a more powerful, upstream and exciting solution than ever before. IQSites is created for innovative Internet technologies to promote your business. Therefore, our platform is ahead of the competition for several years to come.

The unique technology of IQSites allows you to quickly create a professional website online which promotes your brand, hugely increases sales and provides earnings growth. This technology greatly improves marketing.

Easy and Quick Deployment
of Any Scale.

1. We shall create a perfect website for your company. Our experts create a stunning website design. For your site we prepare texts, photos, and other materials professionalу. Your website will include landing pages, capture forms, you will be able to do mailing and use all the necessary tools for promotion. Our own website is also working on this platform and is an example.
2.We provide an IQSites personal manager whose mission is to supervise your project: to train a responsible employee of your company for using the website and promoting your business online. In addition, we have created a large number of video tutorials and instructions on how to achieve significant results with the help of the Internet.
3. We promote  the website through search engines and social networks. Every month we summarise the work of the site, analyse it, and plan new online activities.

The Best Advertising
Platform on the Internet.
More Ways to Optimise Your Work.

With the new system of IQSites run by our unique software and powerful servers, you will have everything to build your business in a new way. As a result of our cooperation, you will have a much visited professional website promoting your products online. It will be enough for you to share the information re events, campaigns, updating the product line etc., and we will post it on your website. Your employees will also be able to do it themselves. You will even have your own  mobile App for managing
your website!

Websites of the New Generation

The websites of IQSites have become a standard tool for business. There are integrated highly efficient features that are instantly ready to go. This platform has all you need.

Wonderful Unique Features
Included in Each Website.

IQSites solves the problem of business promotion on the Internet completely. Create a professional website that looks gorgeous. The site which can find your clients via the Internet, and help transact successfully. The site which helps you do something that seemed impossible before. Combining the world's best online promotion technologies with data and analytics,
we offer unique solutions.

Convenient Software Update

As developers of this platform, we provide product updates with excellent support. As soon as new software and new functions appear, updates are automatically installed directly on your site. This does not hurt the current content of the site, but expands its capabilities. All software updates are absolutely free!

Full Automation
and Control.

The registration of a new website takes place online within a few minutes on the site of the platform created for your company. Fill in the form, and just in a few hours (as required by the domain name registration) your employees can start working on your website. If you already have a registered domain, we can also use it for creating a new website. All software updates are set by us automatically.

High Performance.

We use advanced technology, the servers are equipped with modern processors and provide fast memory performance and high productivity. All the software is developed by the best programmers from scratch, precisely to address the required tasks. The platform is optimised for maximum high loads. Therefore, all sites created within IQSites work very quickly. The process of managing these sites is pleasant and productive. We pay great attention to computer security, a separate department being responsible for this job. Data protection is the foundation of the system, not just a collateral issue.

Simple and Comprehensible Interface.

The IQSites platform makes it easy to create and publish materials, as well as perform any business task. It feels convenient and natural to interact with the website. Your own mobile App makes the content management easy and enjoyable. We made every effort to simplify and at the same time keep the functionality of the site at a professional level. Your employees will understand how to manage their sites very quickly, and will enjoy their work. In addition, we organise training courses, webinars and presentations regularly, as well as provide support for all customers.

IQSites Is the Best PR Arena
One Could Imagine!

Taking into account the subscription fee for the platform, we are most interested in your great benefits from online promotion. Therefore, we provide all the necessary technology for your website promotion via search engines. Just run your website according to our recommendations, and make sure that all necessary pages
get into the top of Google and Yahoo.

Social Networks. New Level of Promotion.

The advanced technology of promotion on social networks allows your website to get even greater traffic from social networks than that provided by search engines. This great news reveals the power and effectiveness of promotion on social media within IQSites. We are pleased to offer you the promotion of your business on social networks. The platform allows to deeply integrate your site with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, VK and almost automatically post all the materials on the website and on the official pages of social networks simultaneously. Under the guidance of our experts, you will achieve significant results. Thousands and millions of fans of your brand are waiting for you!

Working Together - No Problem!


We are ready to help you with any questions re your site. Get support on any subject, from website features up to materials for the website, photo shooting, copywriting, advertising campaigns, contacting your manager by phone, e-mail or Skype. You can also send your requests to the support service.


A unique feature of our cooperation is that we are ready to work on the design, content and promotion of your website, as well as teach your staff. For doing so, we regularly arrange Trainings, Webinars and Presentations. Thus, you always have a choice, whether to pay for the work of our professionals, or save your money and learn with our help to manage your own website.

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