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Incredibly Powerful Design
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We started the development of content management system of IQSites from scratch. This gave us the opportunity of creating something completely new and unique: an incredibly convenient, nice and fast CMS. The system for sites of the future you can create today.
Full control of the design without professional skills and special software.

This Is the Greatest Achievement.
The more you learn the design control system of IQSites,
the more beautiful it is.

Undoubtedly, the website design settings of IQSites are incredibly simple and convenient. We also made sure that they should be most flexible and convenient to use. You can yoursefl customise the design of the site: the background, colours, all the elements of the site and their appearance. You don't need to have professional graphics software, to know HTML, CSS for making your website design. Everything is done visually from the admin panel with a stunningly convenient control panel. Moreover, our user-friendly video tutorials and specialists of our support service are always available. This is the main difference between conventional control systems / website builders and IQSites which has more advantages.

Beauty Combined
with Convenience.
Get down to your website and get ready for fantastic sensations: its stunning sliders will make you completely forget about the world. To give you this impression, we have gone beyond all possible limits, redesigned every detail of management and  achieved amazing improvements. The process of uploading colourful images to the site becomes a truly enjoyable process. You no longer need to prepare special image formats, to think about resolution, size and cropping. The system of IQSites sliders does all this hard work for you. Just upload your favourite photos and images, and the site itself will shape the format and size perfectly well. You will only need to visually identify the visible part and the scale. Sort the sliders with the cursor in the correct sequence, and enjoy the result. Now, the process of making your website beautiful takes just minutes!

Filling Websites
in a New Way

Despite the incredible usability of the IQSites system, its functionality is inpressive. To achieve this combination of features, one needed extraordinary attention to detail and willingness to take bold decisions. Each feature was created, conceived and designed according to the strictest standards. Bulky outdated technology, such as heavy admin panel, wysiwyg editors etc. gave way to the innovative solutions: blogs and landing pages. They are much faster and nicer. Yet their management is much simpler and easier, particularly with the special mobile application. This approach differs from the standard one: you can maintain the website using the mobile App while traveling anywhere in the world. Therefore IQSites gives you not only tremendous opportunities, but also incredible convenience. The result of your work will sparkle with beauty and style, making the design of your site unforgettably unique.

Go for It!

The introduction of these innovations would be worth nothing, if the websites were not able to convert site visitors into your customers. To achieve this, we have worked hard and developed something extremely effective. Use the innovative tool capture forms, to make visitors buy your products or services. You can visually configure all the margins, and make their design according to your taste. Now the beautifully shaped forms are available in all their splendour.

The Best Design
The Best Performance

We understand how important it is for websites to work quickly. Therefore, each page of the site was developed to improve its performance. The software of IQSites system was created in view of high loads. At the same time the server platform was made up of the latest processors, drives, and memory modules. In addition to the tremendous power, we managed to provide extremely high speed of loading website pages. Each of these elements is a resounding success in itself. And all together they make IQSites the most reliable and advanced platform for the development of sites in the world.

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