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Free Mailing Service

Email marketing is the driving force that inspired us to create the service. And now you have a chance to like mailings even more. The unlimited distribution to any number of mailboxes is available free of charge within IQSites. There are personal email notifications, news about your products, promotions, deeper relationship with customers. It is a new approach to delivering information to your audience. You get all this when mailing from IQSites. It is just the beginning.

Beautiful Emails

Decorate your emails with photos and colourful images. Add a personal from of address with your recipients' names inserted automatically. Make your mailings bright and attractive with the use of modern technology of IQSites.

Incredibly Accurate Statistics
Each Email Will Be Sent

Quality services have always boasted the possibility of statistics, and the mailings of IQSites are no exception. Each email interacts with our service. The dispatch and delivery performance, as well as the fact of a message being read - all this is recorded! You will always know the percentage and number of readings on each of your mailings. This fantastic opportunity gives you confidence and complete understanding of the impact.
More Sources and More Functions
A New Level of Email Communication

Each registered user of your website can receive emails. To fully appreciate the advantages of the mailing system, collect the database of email addresses for mailing automatically from any capture form, landing page, and sending out your blog entries. Choose the recipient of the mailing from a single panel. At the same time, databases are created automatically by the users of your website! Emails may be fashioned in your corporate style and look really exciting and attractive. You and your customers are sure to appreciate it!

Plan Your Mailings!
Messages that Are Ahead of Their Time

Plan your mailings, and make the time-table of sending messages. You can choose the time, type of messages, and database of your recipients. Configure the whole series of emails that are to be sent to your future new subscribers with a certain periodicity. Now they will not miss any of your events or actions. This absolutely unique feature will allow you to relax and enjoy the fully automated operation of the site and mailings.

This is how our customers react when using the mailing service for free. No more payments to third-party sites. No need to copy, store, filter and upload the mailing bases. No need to use Excel, Outlook and other software. Just let your website do the work for you, as automatically and professionally as possible.

Developing your site is easy and enjoyable now! Take advantage of this great opportunity to make your business many times more effective!

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