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What Is the Capture Form?
The Best System for Obtaining New Customers
with the Help of Your Website.

Capture Forms are such a powerful and convenient tool
that you will never want to part with them. However,
they are so easy to understand that you do not have to.

Now you can create capture forms consisting of the margins relevant to you and place them on all the pages of your website, such as blogs, landing pages, in different languages.
Your website visitors fill up a proposed
questionnaire, and you get this data
immediately into the admin panel of your website, by email, and via the mobile application (on your iPhone/ iPad devices).

You can communicate with new clients immediately
by phone or do regular mailing.

The complex tasks that previously required a lot of programmers' time, are now solved easily, understandably, and pleasantly. There are also many convenient features you cannnot do without. You can add and edit the fields of a capture form, their shape, names of buttons. You can plan your work (send e-mails after a form has been filled up, indicate a necessary website page, show a video, and do many other things). Now all this does not need any professional knowledge, you just feel comfortable and confident. Use 100% of your creativity.

Capture forms guarantee that you always get the latest
information about new customers immediately.
They will help you not to lose a single
visitor of your website.

New Features
for Site Administrators
For administrators it is the major release since the creation of the platform. Now they have even more tools to improve their sites and more opportunities of using customer obtaining technologies. This means that the new generation of sites becomes incredible!

Developing your site is easy and enjoyable now! Take advantage of this great opportunity to make your business many times more effective!

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